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Jul 3, 2022

Kurdmax TV Soran

A privately held Kurdish Entertainment Tv Channel. Kurdmax is located in Erbil. It broadcasts in both Sorani and Badini dialects of the Kurdish Language.

Kurdmax TV is a Kurdish-language news and current affairs broadcaster based in San Francisco, California. The station was founded in 2009 by Sari Ibrahim and is currently owned by Kurdish Media Services (KMS).

Kurdmax Kurmanci Live Zindi Rastawxo

Kurdmax TV broadcasts a mix of news, documentaries, current affairs, and cultural programming. The network has a bilingual newsroom and reporters based in the United States, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.

In addition to its own programming, Kurdmax is a partner network of several other Kurdish media outlets, including Rudaw, Hawar News, and Ozgur Dicle News Agency.

The network also collaborates with other international media organizations, including the New York Times, the BBC, and Al Jazeera.

Edico Group developed Kurdmaxp in 2012

Due to its impressive successes. Kurdmax television has stepped towards carrying out many changes in its television channels, a new era of fantastic ideas and terrific programs on the channel concerning birth. The journey’s beginning was equating foreign drama television series to the Kurdish language. It started with Social,

Artistic Food and Fashion programs

and other programs that host guests’ Neutrality. Regard and observance of higher social values are the specifics that the Kurdmax channel has regularly complied with An empowered and conscious team in company administration and paying attention to the requirements of the public.

In addition to having a body of qualified employees in the field of media

Together made Kurdmax not to be an entertainment channel. Just, however, due to its interest in custom-made and social affairs, made it to be, a household channel, Kurmax’s target is not restricted to viewers’ entertainment time, just somewhat, the channel continuously looks to pass helpful info to the audience and combine the Kurdish households too

Establishing viewers, through the channel’s interests in social aspects of Kurdish society, and from this viewpoint, the channel could be thought about as a family channel,

Regardless of the acclaimed and excellent function of the channel. Kurdamx is constantly making every effort to discover everything, new and modern, to preserve its position.

Kurmax’S objective is fixated on life-loving happiness

conducting changes having the guts, and being a pattern for others. Kurma keeps any ages and generations in mind serving children and the elderly. At the same time, Apart from its television services, Kurdmax has a blog site channel on YouTube and Social Media.

It has numerous pages and accounts and the audience can communicate with the channel through the net.

Now the Kurdmax channel, as a big media group, has many tv channels, such as Kurmax, Papula, Kurmax, Show, and Kurdmax Music.

The fundamental goal of Kurdmax Media Net is to look after all the various ages and the various fields. On this basis, it is considered a fantastic channel that all family members can follow and benefit from it.

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